How is my clambake served?


We serve all clambakes buffet style. We will arrive to your site approximately 1-hour before your designated serve time and set up 2, 8-foot buffet tables. We include everything your guests need to enjoy this New England tradition, including all of the paper goods and utensils needed. All you need to do is supply hungry guests who are ready for a feast.

When it is time to serve, we will bring all of the hot food out to the buffet tables. Please make sure that these tables are easily accessible to our staff. Once the buffet line is open, your guests are free to partake in a yummy meal. Typically we are on-site one hour before your serve time and about one and a half to two hours after we open the buffet line. Before we leave, we will collect all the trash, and wrap up any leftovers for you & your guests.


How do I determine my serve time?


Since seafood is delectable when hot, we plan to serve your food precisely at the time you state on your contract. Please ask your guests to arrive 30-60 minutes before your serve time.


What if I have guests who don’t eat lobsters?


We are happy to substitute a steak in place of a lobster for those guests who are land lovers. Because we bring one lobster or steak per guest and sometimes guests forget what they ordered, we will give you steak tickets when we arrive at your site. Please hand each guest who requested a steak a ticket. We will collect these tickets at the buffet line.


How do I schedule a clambake?


Please call us at 978-530-1500 and ask for Bill. He will answer any questions you may have and will be able to check available dates for you. Bill will send you out one of our contracts. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to lock in your date. Seven days prior to your clambake, Bill will call you for your final count. He will need to know how many total guests and how many of that total would like lobster and how many would like steak.


What if someone in my party is allergic to seafood?


We serve plenty of items that are not from the sea like steak, baked potatoes and corn-on- the-cob. Although these items are not seafood based, all of our items are stored at our seafood market in Peabody. We try our best to keep items separate, but they are all transported in our truck that has seafood in it. If you have a guest with a severe allergy, please let us know so we can take special precautions.